Roof tiles are designed to protect your building from rain and other weather conditions. Tile roofing is widely spread in Los Angeles. The main roof tile types are made of fired clay, concrete, or slate. They will last more than 50 years and are mostly fire-resistant, and will keep insects away from your roofing system. Roof tiles can help you regulate the temperature of your home, cutting down your heating and cooling bills.

Colorful Roof Tiles

New Construction

Roofing tiles come in many colors and styles, which can go with any type of architecture. Hence roof tiles are more robust than roof shingles, the price of roof tiles is higher. However, they will also serve you longer.

Whether a tile is missing or damaged, there is a leak, or underneath layers are broken, do not hesitate to contact us.

As a specialized and professional roofing company, Pick My Roof company can help you with roof tile service. Our qualified and licensed technicians will install, maintain, and repair your roofing tiles and ensure you receive the best quality and service.


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